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10 Countries That Have Extremely Different Concepts of Male Beauty

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You know how the old saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It really couldn’t be more accurate! What’s considered attractive is totally different for everybody. And it’s not just about looks here either. Where we’re from can subconsciously influence our idea of beauty too! So what types of men attract women in different countries? It’s time to find out! TIMESTAMPS The U.S. 1:03 Brazil 2:03 India 3:00 Sweden 3:56 Turkey 4:52 Italy 5:50 South Korea 6:58 The U.K. 8:08 Greece 9:08 Australia 10:03 Music: Take_You_Home_Tonight https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music Preview photo credit: Chris Pratt in Jurassic World (2015): By Capital Pictures/EAST NEWS, https://www.eastnews.ru/pictures/picture/id/34683802/i/0/t/0 bts.bighitofficial #BTS #YOU_NEVER_WALK_ALONE Concept Photo 1: By Big Hit Entertainment https://www.instagram.com/bts.bighitofficial, https://www.instagram.com/p/BP-Sal-DLJS/?taken-by=bts.bighitofficial Animation is created by Bright Side. #bts #jimin #malebeauty SUMMARY -Rough-looking men with a burly physique are starting to get just as much attention as clean-cut sporty type in the US. There’s even a special term to describe these lady-magnets: “lumbersexuals.” -Brazilian women seem to go for guys with light eyes and fair curls. And don’t forget about that six-pack; impressive muscles are always a plus. -It's usually well-groomed and moderately muscular men that melt Indian women's hearts. -Swedish beauty concept is all about men with sometimes extremely slender physiques and a trace of sadness in their eyes. -Handsome Turkish guys are usually very well-groomed and take their hair styling seriously. But to really please the ladies, their chest hair needs to be mercilessly removed. -An Italian hunk is always fresh and stylishly dressed. He isn’t afraid of bright-colored clothes and jewelry. -Hotties in South Korea have baby-smooth skin, fashionably cut and often brightly-dyed hair, and a slender or sometimes even fragile physique. -People in the U.K. have naturally fair skin, and some men often try to remedy this situation by using self-tanners. It's also very common for British lads to have tattoos. -In Greece, if you have dark or mildly silver-streaked hair, a deep gaze, a slim and tanned body, and the all-so famous Greek profile, that's a winning combination for you. -Guys in Australia can spend hours in the gym trying to buff up, and the ladies certainly appreciate their efforts. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Kyla Velarde (46 minutes ago)
*Saw Jimin in the thumbnail* immediately pressed..
pasta cyy subliminals (50 minutes ago)
Im a normal person, I saw Jimin, i clicked
Angel Bea (57 minutes ago)
Why there's no Philippines here huh?
Michelle Cuvin (58 minutes ago)
I saw jimin in the thumbnail (proof he's my bias in bts) I'm obsessed with him
Elaine Carmona (1 hour ago)
sees jimin on the thumbnail. *clicked this vid*
Jacque Lou Manuel (1 hour ago)
I saw Jimin so i click it😍
Chiminy Athena Jams (1 hour ago)
The no. 7 or the Sweden one... I thought pewdiepie would appear lol😂😂😂
Chiminy Athena Jams (1 hour ago)
Sees Jimin Clicks faster than yo dad chasing ur bf
UnicornLover _0807 (2 hours ago)
I only came here because I saw jimin Like if you are too
ItzAlexa Wolf (2 hours ago)
BANGTAN SOYODAN jimine and my country Philippines🇵🇭
Jungkookie Jeon TV (3 hours ago)
When i saw jiminie i was like: Clicks on vid quickly Me:I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA SEE BTS,nahhh thats fine atleast there is a jimin thumbnail
Jenlisa Kimanoban (3 hours ago)
Mostly people came bcoz of jimin
bless plaza (3 hours ago)
SOUTH KOREA DESERVES MORE THAN NO.1 MY HUSBAND LIVES THERE..! -Lets just say its BTS or other k-pop groups
Athena Kim (3 hours ago)
99.9%~Jimin . 1%~Entertainment
loveable lily (3 hours ago)
Denmarc De Castro (3 hours ago)
Almost All of comments is about Jimin
Reana Mae Sarasa (4 hours ago)
"Jimin is in the thumbnail!" This channel knows how to get a lot of views
•K-DA_ OnceArmy• (4 hours ago)
I saw Jimin, I clicked.
TAE TAE (4 hours ago)
I just click this because of Jimin I saw him at thumbnail!! 6:58 FOR JIMIN
herl qt (5 hours ago)
i saw jimin in the thumbnail so i click this
Cassandra A. R. M. Y (5 hours ago)
Who came here bcs of jimin
Joana Gabata (5 hours ago)
Where's the philipines tho
ChikiPaw (5 hours ago)
#8 India #7 Sweden I see what you did there
천사들Bangtan (6 hours ago)
90% of people came for jimin 10% of people came for entertainment.
Lucas Scheider (6 hours ago)
Saw Jimin on thumbnail.... instantly click it! 😂
purple yeontan (6 hours ago)
I saw BTS' JIMIN in the thumbnail, I clicked. Stream Boy With Luv Music Video and the songs in their new album 'Map of the Soul:Persona'
AshleyUwU Kat (6 hours ago)
*Sees Park Jimin* Oh *likes*
Kier Matsunaga (6 hours ago)
I like Ezra Miller's style even though it's kinda weird.
*Jimin,on the thumbnail i click faster than our wifi😅😂* Edit:*How dare you to put jiminnie on the thumbnail and you didn't put him in the video*
KingJayuan27 (6 hours ago)
Likes feminine boys.. Sigh bet I’m gonna get more hate oh whale 👌
Elthea zandra Bungag (7 hours ago)
Kim Dubu (7 hours ago)
why do almost all swedish guys look like pewdiepie so much
•puppies • (7 hours ago)
Wait theres no philippines..
Black Asylum (7 hours ago)
When i see jimin i click it🙂😂
Nz P (7 hours ago)
I see jimin i click
Ariane Tenerife (7 hours ago)
i see jimin on thumbnail i click
Lalisa Manoban (8 hours ago)
Seriously all the photos from south korea that you've shown are all uglies and then u put jimin on the thumbnail Just how cruel u would be😅😅
Quen Potato (9 hours ago)
I saw jimin in the thumbnail I instantly clicked
Andrea Barez (9 hours ago)
I saw Jimin, i click.
Henlo, I love asmr (12 hours ago)
I came her for Jimin K?
Charmaine Sheek (13 hours ago)
Why isn't pewdiepie there in the Sweden part? Charot ahhaha
Charmaine Sheek (13 hours ago)
I saw jimin in the thumbnail **clicks faster than ever**
a seul in a life of gay (14 hours ago)
i saw jimin, i click
SunnyJoonieX (15 hours ago)
K-Pop Starlight Gamer (15 hours ago)
I'm feeling you have an extremely idol 😏😏 to Jimin😂😂 I saw him on the thumbnail 3x on your videos 😊 he's sure was cute 😍😍😘 #foreverarmy #Vminkook #foreverbrightside I love your videos a lot 🤤🤤😯😮 also I LOVE SOUTH KOREA super duper a lot 😂😂😁😄😎😎 I always hear this from my friends! SKL! 😂😂🤣🤣😂
park jimin has my heart (15 hours ago)
i saw jimin, i clicked
ᄆᄆ TEMPEST (16 hours ago)
OMG THEY ARE ALL SO HANDSOME AND SEXY AF !!!! 😍😍😘😘😗😙 i hate it 😑
Janna Erich01 (16 hours ago)
I see jimin i click😅😂(taehyung is my bias😁)
Beverly Nicole Suarez (18 hours ago)
Am I the only one who clicked this video because they saw jimin
esembee_ hall (18 hours ago)
7:01 Bright Side didn't know what to use for South Korean men beauty.
Nicole Lintag (18 hours ago)
In Philippines,even almost all the men put skin care products
esembee_ hall (18 hours ago)
Jimin is a clickbait... argh
BTS Army (18 hours ago)
When i saw Park Jimin i quickly click the vide #army here 💜🌸
BABANGTAN BANGTAN (18 hours ago)
Bts is not there!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT THAT THUMBNAIL!!!!!!!!!
BABANGTAN BANGTAN (18 hours ago)
0:39: "'what country makes wommen crazy?"' Me: ..... ummm... My mind: YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGIIIIIIIII! Me: KOREA!
My Sweet Angel (8 hours ago)
Lol tbh my mind is full of Kpop, so that's why that always happen to me 😂
Princess Lorein Nicerio (18 hours ago)
I came for jimin
Princess Lorein Nicerio (18 hours ago)
*I saw Jimin* I pressed
TaeKook 4EVER (19 hours ago)
I just saw my idol in the thumbnail and in the blue hashtag in the tittle
MattzFX - Designer (19 hours ago)
Sweden Pewdiepie
Romeo Mina (19 hours ago)
Filipinos are natural handsome people
RNB RETREAT (20 hours ago)
In Philippines?
"I'm a simple person I saw Jimin in the thumbnail and click it☺"
bryan dela cruz (20 hours ago)
bruneian memester (21 hours ago)
bruneian memester (21 hours ago)
Brazil: RicArdO milOs!!!!!!
i wuv u (21 hours ago)
you're here for jimin, aren't you?
CYANIXE (21 hours ago)
*What girls need now* *RICH AND HANDSOME* ....
rosejean cabarles (22 hours ago)
Who else came here because of Jimin in the thumbnail???
Darwina Maadil (22 hours ago)
Viola The Angel (22 hours ago)
I can tell most of these people here are kpop fans
yumjump plays (22 hours ago)
I didnt even read the title or the thumbnail because when i saw jimin i click the video in the speed of light (btw he is not my bias)
Gacha Gaze (22 hours ago)
I see Jimin I like quickly
gleehze nikkole cortes (23 hours ago)
why is there no filipino
Mikii Chan (23 hours ago)
Who clicked just because of Jimin? 💜💜💜
Maria Fe Payapag (22 hours ago)
HaechanIsBabie (23 hours ago)
I'm a simple person I see jimin I click and.... I got clickbaited
Stream boy with Luv (23 hours ago)
I seen jimin i clicked😌
KiNg_ KaMbInG (23 hours ago)
Can you make the female version of this?
those hashtags thooo
Tempest Gossip (23 hours ago)
Look doesn't matter in love if he is rude even he is handsome no relationship will last, the real meaning of handsome is not only being good looking he need also be a gentleman.... From Philippines.🌎
Zidane Cloe (23 hours ago)
Bangpink trash (23 hours ago)
Jung kookie BTS BTS (23 hours ago)
I just came bc jimin was in the thumbnail
Taehyung Kim (23 hours ago)
Well, lots of hot indians are freaking randomly messaging me in FB and adding me. I hate it.
deeainyiel • (21 hours ago)
Are you Filipino?
I see Jimin? *i click*
Kpop Mirror (1 day ago)
90% came here bacause of Jimin 10% came for entertainment. JIMINIE PABOOOO
Jungkookie Jeon TV (3 hours ago)
Lol , i can realate
Creamy Hearth (3 hours ago)
I came for jimin😂
namjoons big toe skeet (4 hours ago)
You mean 99% for Jimin and 1% For Entertainment
TAE TAE (4 hours ago)
I'm one of the 90%
Bunnydoesgaming (5 hours ago)
Kpop Mirror brooo I cane for jimin too
ItsAshley Gaming (1 day ago)
Why philippines is not there😢
LHARA PLAYZ (1 day ago)
shi teus (1 day ago)
I'm just a simple person I saw Jimin, I clicked
zaren sarmiento (1 day ago)
saw jimin me: **agressively clicks**
Artyom Skruchersky (1 day ago)
The heavily armed is the new handsome in Russia!
Alex Villarosa (1 day ago)
The fact i saw JIMIN in the thumbnail...click without even reading the caption
Thanos_ OwO (1 day ago)
No one notices That Sweden and India are close (in the countdown) .-. (Pewds vs t-series)
Of course south korea
Army_ Blink (1 day ago)
REVELUVIES n (1 day ago)
We are here because of the thumbnail
Bangtan Park (1 day ago)
Hope Min (1 day ago)
i saw jimin i instantly clicked it.
GachaGaming 1 (1 day ago)
I see Jimin I click

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