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Nightwatch: Defensive Driving (Season 3) | A&E

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Being an emergency responder sometimes requires a better than average aptitude for driving as demonstrated by the cast of Nightwatch in this compilation from Season 3. #Nightwatch Subscribe for more from Nightwatch and other great A&E shows: http://aetv.us/subscribe_ae Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: http://aetv.us/NightwatchOfficial Check out exclusive A&E content: Website - http://www.aetv.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AETV Twitter - https://twitter.com/AETV Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AE From executive producer Dick Wolf comes "Nightwatch," an hour-long series following elite teams of emergency responders as they risk their lives to work the busiest and most unnerving shift of the day: the overnight shift. A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it's the network's distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality, groundbreaking documentary, or premium scripted drama, A&E always makes entertainment an art. Visit us at http://www.aetv.com for more info.
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Text Comments (52)
Bethany Bell (7 days ago)
that poor armadillo, fulfilling it's life's purpose.... so sad
iluvmusic62 (1 month ago)
I know how you women side seat drivers are ROLF !
Burger Bob (1 month ago)
1:05 that guy sounds like me and him wouldn't get along
Lisa Leung (3 months ago)
IF THIS. WAS A TRAIN!!!!! *flips table*
Erika Garibay (2 months ago)
Riana Grace (3 months ago)
What im i watching
Slim Shady (3 months ago)
God I feel the pain haha...
Steve J (3 months ago)
Also, I would not feel safe having anyone on this show come to my aid. Incredibly unprofessional when preparing for serious calls
Steve J (3 months ago)
I can’t watch this show because I can’t stand watching white people try and act black
Jordan Lindsey (3 months ago)
Steve J how are they acting black?
Rob S (3 months ago)
Steve J I feel you 😎
Hannah Gibson (3 months ago)
When is it coming on Hulu??
AN MEDIA. (3 months ago)
Rogelio Cabrera (3 months ago)
Your thoughts are a lie.
Rogelio Cabrera (3 months ago)
Mr Panda (3 months ago)
Defensive driving... Huh more like die-fensife driving
tcorourke2007 (3 months ago)
Tonight, on "Hipster Cops"...
j.sandusky (3 months ago)
that guy reminds me of the nurse from crank
JAY VEE (3 months ago)
I love this show...
Amanda Wittman (3 months ago)
So stupid this is not a cop show. Just get off YouTube. Cops acting like idiots what a shocker
KingJay (3 months ago)
Why does the thumbnail look like jacksepticeye
F u b u u u (3 months ago)
Mr Panda (3 months ago)
No 12 yr olds would be defending him
LeftyAccidkid666 (3 months ago)
squad fam thats what i thought too
gsd715 (3 months ago)
I've missed you all so much!!💜💜💜💜
Alex G (3 months ago)
Just smoked myself some cereal and ate bowl of meth
F u b u u u (3 months ago)
Alex G haHAA
Holt 0216 (3 months ago)
There should be a commemoration video of the cameramen and camerawomen who record these clips for us.
Ent (3 months ago)
My life (3 months ago)
please give me like🙁thx u
music2306lover (3 months ago)
My life ... Happy now.......actually I'll give you a few more! 👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿 happy now!? ✌🏼️
Systematic Killer (3 months ago)
SupaEMT134 (3 months ago)
My life — I don't just like, but I *_love_* Tomi Lahren 💓 💕
Eddie Bacon (3 months ago)
No tickets. Cops think tbey can do ehatever but heaven forbid a american citizen do it
Eddie Bacon (3 months ago)
Kevin Lopez yeah i just assumed it was cops just having fun but i saw a few illegal things going on.
Kevin Lopez (3 months ago)
Eddie Bacon Well no worries, pal. Sometimes, we don't notice some things. Can't hurt to get some things wrong knowing others are also fallible.
Eddie Bacon (3 months ago)
Kevin Lopez no i didnt
theflamingtoaster1 (3 months ago)
They had their lights on and what did they do to even deserve getting a ticket?? Plus they're paramedics, not cops..
Kevin Lopez (3 months ago)
Eddie Bacon Did you not know they where paramedics...?
KatieGamerGirl (3 months ago)
Team three (3 months ago)
Lol this isn’t even a real cop show wtf
iluvmusic62 (2 months ago)
The Stimpy (3 months ago)
Paramedics are real people too.
Richard C. Mongler (3 months ago)
that's because they're EMS you silly
One Hit Shawty (3 months ago)
Put it
Mr Panda (3 months ago)
In my *belly*
Alexis Kj (3 months ago)
Mr Panda (3 months ago)
Also it's spelled with an in at thevend
Mr Panda (3 months ago)
I think he wants a cookie
Saul Benitez (3 months ago)
Alexis Lard don’t matter who’s f***en first

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