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Maybe I am actually a good hunter after all.
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Thomas Broking (13 days ago)
You could always buy her a dress that she wanted in the wrong size so she's got to bring it back when she brings it back you run out to go hunting
Barfing Coyote (1 month ago)
Hunting , then fishing seasons . Only interrupted by a couple weeks of prep for each. In no way is enough time to justify one of those "things". That little money box that follows them around, after a few years has No Value. You want more company ? Get another Birddog.
Oe Downing (3 months ago)
Makes it hard to hunt laughing big time...great vdeo..
Dionysus Liquor (4 months ago)
He deserves this for putting up with such stupid shit day in and day out.
Mark Jones (4 months ago)
Texas Panhandle (5 months ago)
Only city slickers girls do this shit. A real country women hunt and don't complain
El Jaguarcito (5 months ago)
Querías panocha papi, que te puedo decir...🤪
Chuck Christopher (6 months ago)
If you want a REAL hunting buddy, check out HuntingBuddyFinder(DOT)com
damien hammond (7 months ago)
Damn she is hot😍☺
Border Collie (7 months ago)
Hilarious.......I have known women like this......!!!
emerson bigguns (10 months ago)
She'd have to show me nem boobies while we out in the woods.
james oshields (11 months ago)
Was funny till ya put on that crap music.
Ally Wilke (1 year ago)
OMG SO FUNNY!!!!!!I take my GF's hunting and this i about as accurate as it gets😂
Songbird Ky (1 year ago)
The beginning feels like the storyline to a porno
Molly Flinn (1 year ago)
Wow I Love hunting and Im a girl honestly Offended xD
Docscrlock (1 year ago)
I'm confused...why wear camo under a bright orange vest?
Alex Crawford (1 year ago)
I would tell her to wait right there I'll be right back then leave her in the woods
Dmm Dmm543 (1 year ago)
pee for me my little twit
Chloe Sinclair (1 year ago)
I'm 14 and I hunt deer and bear in Alaska. I know this must be a parody.
Kevin Najera (1 year ago)
that deer had the best front row seat at the end ha
Northwest Trucker (1 year ago)
that's a bad choice girlfriend
Nick T (1 year ago)
i could beat that with a stick
Darnell Johnson (1 year ago)
I died laughing! thanx
Hayden Kisner (1 year ago)
That is my thing deer ducks rabbits and raccoons also mudriding
Hayden Kisner (1 year ago)
Hunting is a sport
Dr Bendover (1 year ago)
just shoot the bitch
Alyssa Gall (1 year ago)
I am an 11 year old girl and I hunt deer at our ranch
Theresa Squires (1 year ago)
Alyssa_Loves _sport That's awesome! Good for you- us girls can do anything we put our minds to...And you are living proof of that!
Yan Rui (1 year ago)
That's when you should have used the legendary bitch slap technique.
pecos honk (1 year ago)
is deer color blind
pecos honk (1 year ago)
ronald mast you always have to wear orange when you go hunting so nobody shoots you
Hayden Rigsby (1 year ago)
Andrew Dunham I don't but I hunt close to my granny's house and I haven't had a problem yet
Britton Mueller (1 year ago)
Actually, my very soon-to-be wife is an amazing hunting partner. No complaining, quiet, still, observant, helpful, resourceful and not afraid to get dirty.
david macdonald (1 year ago)
hope you all die
Michael T. Johnson (1 year ago)
I took my girlfriend with me turkey hunting this past spring and killed a nice tom with my bow...Two toms came in struttin and I killed one and my girlfriend wanted me to kill the other one also cuz it didnt run off...I told her I cant..she asked why..I said im only allowed to kill one per year lol...My best hunt ever but to take her deer hunting??? I dont know about that 😏
PheasantHunter99 (1 year ago)
Its fake FYI
Dmitri Zhdonov (1 year ago)
There are some things in a man's life that cannot and should not be shared with women.
Madeline Sorensen (1 year ago)
+Noah Trabeaux I'm not gonna go all "feminist" on you, cause they're completely stupid, but I love hunting, and i know plenty women who live hunting too.
Noah Trabeaux (1 year ago)
why can't men just have ONE thing to them selves.
Fish Master (1 year ago)
Al Masucci I agree
Madeline Sorensen (1 year ago)
+Al Masucci Thanks, those are pretty cool choices. :)
Dmitri Zhdonov (1 year ago)
Interesting choice of caliber; I've never fired a rifle chambered in it, all of mine are 308 and 45-70.
That's why there's a bag limit.
Savannah Thornton (1 year ago)
negative comments need to stop NOW
Terri Avery (1 year ago)
she ain't legal or safe without orange on.....send her home..........jda
Galaxy Glows (1 year ago)
that was funny
Kallie Williamson (1 year ago)
that was a fake deer
sir lancelot (1 year ago)
in the end you did the right thing and had a better than squirrel hunting
majr72 (1 year ago)
Funny ass hell!
no shit its cold as hell when u go hunting
N (1 year ago)
stupid video. too long... and it's part two
Mia Barcola (1 year ago)
Why y'all hatin on this girl... I see why he loves her, she's ADORABLE!
Sher Thao (1 year ago)
hahaha funny
Josh hron (1 year ago)
That last part was funny
Danelle Gettings (1 year ago)
Josh hron ji
Romppai's Outdoors (1 year ago)
I know this video is just a comity, but it is so dam true, its fact, iv been there more times then I want to admit..
SUPERNOVA (1 year ago)
If that was my girlfriend I'd shoot her in the face.
matt cullen (1 year ago)
SUPERNOVA me too. with some hot jizz.
Kingofthemountains 1 (1 year ago)
Question why take your girlfriend hunting if she isn't gonna help?
Alexandria Greenfield (8 months ago)
Kingofthemountains 1 it's a joke
TexanUSMC8089 (1 year ago)
Don't marry a woman like that. LMAO
Alex Walsh (1 year ago)
He should stop moaning and shag her to keep her warm
All In Maniac (1 year ago)
Lol. Funny and entertaining but she messed up with the phone call making it obvious she wasn't actually on the phone....
Sailing Prepper (2 years ago)
so true :) very fuckin funny!
video games (2 years ago)
Stuart Sheil (2 years ago)
Give her a foot long ... and next time drop here off a spot ..
Larry Yee (2 years ago)
yeah Tiffanys a babe......funny hilarious video...who doesnt like a hot girl in the wooods. Good job. Congratulations
MIke Anonymous (1 year ago)
You are too easily entertained!
Jeff Wang (2 years ago)
Thre are only three sports. Hunting, fishing, and shooting. Everything else is just a game.
ItsDeadlyBoys (2 years ago)
+Jeff Wang Btw is fishing not just Hunting or  what?
Jeff Wang (2 years ago)
That's right, it's a means of transportation.
ItsDeadlyBoys (2 years ago)
Parkour is not a game bro...
mick jones (2 years ago)
My wife wants the pink camo
debbie pead (2 years ago)
Tania Mable (2 years ago)
break up with girlfriend luckly i shot one yesterday my girlfriend likes hunting
Skyler T (2 months ago)
Dude that is so rude, that girl is my cousin
david macdonald (1 year ago)
Tania Mable hope you get hunted sicko
Burn Blade Burn Blade (2 years ago)
fake ass buck
S Schroeder (2 years ago)
Just Wayne (2 years ago)
Then why watch this video?
eggrollsoup (2 years ago)
+Sheryl Schroeder kindly fuck off
S Schroeder (2 years ago)
And you're a #LOSER  with NO #Soul
Chris Zwick (2 years ago)
You're an #Idiot
d k Samson (2 years ago)
I gave that bunny to goodwill! we meet again!
Zack Hicks (2 years ago)
Dee don't see orange they see grey they see the movement
Harley Kulp (2 years ago)
Best part is the ending
Leonard Schofield (2 years ago)
she almost got her ass killed.
MrNelsonb2 (3 years ago)
i would flip the fuck out
BRUSHWOLF2718 (3 years ago)
You two are killing me. :O) I took my wife hunting ,,once..ONCE> :O)
SUGAR XYLER (3 years ago)
~ That bunny in the hat, funny as hell!  (*_~)
Shunto99 (3 years ago)
she found a stripper pole in the woods!  nice!  wish my woman would go with me
Milo Flint (3 years ago)
I expected him to "miss" the deer and hit her at the end there.
Skyler T (2 months ago)
Kayden Messmer (3 years ago)
Seriously the deer was fake because you couldnt find a real one even if it was real it wold be looking at youre girlfriend striping lol
Zhy Bish (3 years ago)
Tiffany is so stupid i love her 😂
Eva Carragher (3 years ago)
This is funny.  I like how they put humor in the skit
Will BuryU (3 years ago)
Great Video. Its always good to inject some humor although some of these miserable souls don't realize its a comic view.
Pat Hughes (3 years ago)
She is fat. And has hideous hair color. Blaze orange is seen as grey to deer. They do not see it as orange.
Cathy Carner (2 years ago)
orenge is brown to a deer
liz liz (3 years ago)
Hater she's gorgeous (body goals) btw I'm dyeing my hair like hers
Matt Fortney (3 years ago)
Blaze orange is so other hunters don't think that you're a deer and shoot you
Michael Kaminski (3 years ago)
3:06 guy:"hunting is a serious sport" child:*laughs*"since when is hunting a sport?" since when is make up essential?
Tristan Neal (3 years ago)
At 1:19 she sounds like a cow
MagicSwoozie (3 years ago)
Can y'all not take this video serious...its meant to be funny..and im a girl soo, are y'all mas or naw. ://///
Harmony Cooper (3 years ago)
really, all girls are not like this... just sayin
Skyler T (2 months ago)
Shes acting. Shes my cousin
anthony 35 (7 months ago)
Harmony Cooper not me..im there to hunt...
Pam Vandyke (3 years ago)
She needs to know how to hunt
Bryan Lammers (3 years ago)
umm, blaze orange bowhunting? hunting with a crossbow? cant pull back a big boys bow? and it appears to be gun season...
Patrick McNeill (2 years ago)
crossbows are harder to pull back then compound bows
Land Sucks (2 years ago)
It appears to be a joke
Garras Porgratix (3 years ago)
All that was missing was the story about how mother used to do...and say.....then break into an endless conversation about a movie that no one cares about.
justin thomason (3 years ago)
This something I did once and never again
Robert Baldwin (3 years ago)
doe likes doe hoe lololololololollolololololllolololol
Kathryn Fitzgerald (3 years ago)
You need to make more videos like this they are hilaruous
ZekeTheFreak (3 years ago)
Lol isn't hunting a hobby
Colby Mueller (3 years ago)
and a sport real game dufus
Jazmynn Wheeler (3 years ago)
Lmfao!!!! Doe love doe hoe 😂😂
QueenBeeWannabe21 (3 years ago)
The beginning is fucking hilarious. "Oh shit, oh shit. Hi Geff!"
Young Chriq (3 years ago)
Lol sit here and brush you're weave. XD no deer is going to come over here with you looking this racthet LOL!
Tiffany Mccabe (3 years ago)
I'm not one to get offended but I dropped pretty big ass buck this season and put quite a few men to shame kind of downgrades women... Maybe next time try a video where the guy doesn't know what the hell he's doing because nowadays there really isn't a legacy like they used to be
Breanna Michelle (3 years ago)
How stupid can you be? Lol as you can tell this whole video is a joke. I'm pretty sure they go hunting all the time the real way and not this kind of way. I swear you dumbasses these days. They can do whatever video they wanna do and its up to you if you wanna watch it or not. Lmfao. Haters gonna hate though.😂
Kenny Handley (3 years ago)
At least she wanted to be with him
Spick (3 years ago)
brian osborne (3 years ago)
brian osborne (3 years ago)
brian osborne (3 years ago)
Doug Uhlmann (3 years ago)
I wanted to see Tiffany's butt crack
brian osborne (3 years ago)

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