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Do You Prefer Black Guys Or White Guys?

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I went out to franklin street to find out what girls are into... The question for todays video is Do American Girls Prefer Black Guys Or White Guys in Chapel Hill? Even tho race doesnt matter My Social media Snapchat: Flvvkz Instagram:FruityTube Thanks for watching 150 likes for part 3 SOUNDCLOUD - https://soundcloud.com/prod919
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Text Comments (939)
Joseph Landre Werly (5 hours ago)
First of all, this question is racist.
Kemarley Williams (1 day ago)
I’m a black guy..I honestly thing ur trying too hard to get them to say black guys... nigga like who gives a fuck end a the day we still fucking em white guys girls way more than they hitting our race🤷🏾‍♂️
Alex Trott (2 days ago)
youre a fucking insecure, racist weirdo
Alex Trott (2 days ago)
haha you are butters tho
FruityTube (2 days ago)
Yea ight
Alex Trott (2 days ago)
+FruityTube guarentee you never get laid. i also guarentee youve got a tiny dick
FruityTube (2 days ago)
Thank you😘
shaunyb2011 (3 days ago)
well that was painful!
Antvit (3 days ago)
Once you go black we don't want your nasty ass back..
Lucas Irnaten (5 days ago)
Why white women are to shy to say that they dated a black guy before...it’s like they regret
michael gray (5 days ago)
This guy is damaged , and has no respect for Black People !!
Cesar Rumayna (5 days ago)
This is so cringe hahaha it’s embarrassing just because I’m watching these crap
Cristian Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Wow this guy is so stupid i have no words men. This mentality is what keep racisme alive stupido.
Vagbandit (7 days ago)
Yo there is only a black guy asking
Duff01 (10 days ago)
6:19 so all white people are ugly? okey, You`re fat asf
fernando pereyra (25 days ago)
White women like a man with a fat wallet doesn't matter if your black white yellow green
Cuba 777 (25 days ago)
Go Cuban 😉
Consigliere (26 days ago)
Blacks are weird
The Joker (29 days ago)
Start k*lling black men as many as u can. LMAO
Peter Robinson (29 days ago)
Poor guy. He’s so insecure
Everardo Andrade (29 days ago)
I have been doing both white and chocolate and let me tell you I love both of them I don’t know what to do some help please
Road House (1 month ago)
That Fat orange unintelligent Blob at 6:00 is in NO position to be picky 😂😂🤢
Road House (1 month ago)
Lol These black dudes who make these Videos are so insecure, you can see them getting stroppy when they don't get the answers they want.. plus the pressure to be Politically Correct on camera for these women is evident
Emilio Vasquez (1 month ago)
Wtf there forcing them to pick even if they tell them it doesn't matter on the race but there personality fucking jackass
Emilio Vasquez (1 month ago)
These 2 dumbasses sound desperate and are making there race look idiots
Adam Parker (1 month ago)
I been watching all this films it looks like the white women are a little bit kinder or they are lieing they black women on this film are less unkind because they pick blacks real fast then so bad stuff about white men I also noticed y'all talk about dick size yes blacks got bigger dicks but what about brains who is smarter who invents everything so get off on them black dicks and be comfortable with them white inventions ha ha ha connect with the environment and one black woman said white people are scary they not to scary I promise you they not could them big dicks stop Adolph Hitler or Japan who did that them little dick white men who makes you comfortable with trucks cars cell phone and everything that's my opinion on this stuff but there know harm in this program u are advertising why don't white men do this probably because it's not that important to them but connect with the environment that is what I'm doing Good don't judge
Brendan Manwaring (1 month ago)
Every race of women have some women with big asses, just like every race of men have some with big dicks, like me
Brendan Manwaring (1 month ago)
Stereo type
love Spanish (1 month ago)
Paul Richards (1 month ago)
I wish you guys stop this kind of post it's like a Republican vs Democrats.. in my opinion it's a choice.. it's who makes you happy.. am a Jamaican and that's is my opinion
Elvedin Krlic (1 month ago)
This stupid fucking questions black or white fucking grow up any one can be with person they love
derechteskunk (1 month ago)
The Truth is, the most white guys prefer white girls, latin girls, then asian girls and at least black girls. And thats okay. ;)
B (1 month ago)
Stupid nigros then they wonder why raceism exists
Ataur Rahman (1 month ago)
Black dudes are always broke the inner city ones even more.
Cheese Beef (1 month ago)
Cooning to the fifth power.stop black African cooning.
Life Is War God Is All (1 month ago)
Go find some job, sir!
Felis John (1 month ago)
They will hangs your ass freaks live the enemies alone before you get hangs stupid. From the tree too.
Felis John (1 month ago)
Live your enemies alone freaks go to he'll mother fuckers
louisa mason (1 month ago)
Sad negro.
Francis B (1 month ago)
What's this? So weird 👎👎👎👎
Disan Kigozi (2 months ago)
Should that be a topic for discussion except for insecure morons
Kenneth Russll (2 months ago)
Making a complete fool of himself, Stereotypes, White people are probably laughing at this idiot
western music (2 months ago)
the asian have the answer and not waiting
western music (2 months ago)
this is a good video & i'm white why i'm cool with this videos cause black guys always put white in the choice black & white guys are super awesome
Markeisha Latham (2 months ago)
Why do yall do these videos. You seem insecure.
Shevan Kano (2 months ago)
I bet this nigga's got a 2'5 inches dick
Antonio Norris (2 months ago)
You dark as shit.
Donny Ohakam (2 months ago)
The asian unsurprisingly chose white
Lianpu Guite (2 months ago)
Once you go we won't accept you wether you cry or die....
Lianpu Guite (2 months ago)
We dnt fucking like black k god is they look like gorilla....
Lianpu Guite (2 months ago)
I'm proud those who say white girls....
SilentAssassin93 (2 months ago)
lots of mudsharks in america
Nemesis (3 months ago)
If the Asian Lady Took Home A Black Guy To Show to Her Parents They Would Probably Suffer Cardiac Arrest.
lone wolf (3 months ago)
This video is all about his insecurity, he's a very insecure person
Richard Abu-Obe (3 months ago)
I really do not know the point of this video.. (and I'm black)
Father Negan (3 months ago)
Chinese girls and Arab girls to start the video??? Who cares what those ugly whores say anyway????? I got a answer for you about. What do white GUYS HAVE that black guys don't have???? ANSWER... Okay, I'll try to keep it brief!!! How about LOOKS, we look much better!!! Umm, Smell. We smell much better!!!! We don't have to rub that stinky creme on our SKIN in the mornings that black folks use to get RID OF THE SKUNK ODOR!!! It is a FACT!!! Also on average we are much much SMARTER!!!!!! White guys also have more CHARACTER!!!!!!! Okay, I can't speak for ALL, BUT, I CAN WHIP YOUR BLACK ASS!!!!!!! I never lost a fight in my life to any black man. NOT ONCE!!!!!!! I also don't back down , for the FAT BLACK CHICK with the glasses!!!! She couldn't pay me to be with her on a bad week!!!!! I HONESTLY CAN NOT THINK OF ANYTHING THAT WHITE GUYS DONT HAVE THAT BLACK GUYS DO??? I guess some black guys are fast!!! But some whites are to. But everything in this world is ALL ONE WAY NOW!!!! White guys are not allowed to say the same things black guys do. We are RACIST IF WE SAY WHAT THEY DO!!!! One sided world!!!! As for CREDIT. I don't have any!!!!! If y'all blacks don't have credit. Where do you get those $100,000 cars??? If we have all THE MONEY then I must have missed it somewhere!!!! All the best houses in the rich area of town are owned by both races. It's 50/50 now with both black and White!!! Saying that ALL WHITE PEOPLE HAVE CREDIT OR MONEY is as RACIST AS YOU CAN GET!!!!! Captain Kirk is not scruffy looking!!!! By the way PUNK THAT MADE THIS VIDEO. Your GATORS SHIRT gives away your location!!!! If you had any brains you would STOP RUNNING YOUR MOUTH!!!!
Arun Wilder (3 months ago)
This scht so cring cringe these niggas lame asl ofng whole goofies nervous asl square as i hate these lame as niggas making thesd videos cause tgey get no action n dont know how to approach a white woman without making lame vids like this cringy trash smh they fuck it up for the real player niggas i gurantee all the women they talk to know difference between them n the real onez
Simon Gouriye (3 months ago)
Why care what she like or not its her life and body.
Kamaro3XVII (3 months ago)
DAMN, is been a black men that bad? All your videos are ‘black guys or white guys?’. Maybe you two should interview with your dick hanging out, that might get the validation you’re desperately seeking.
Master_At_Social_Game (3 months ago)
imma keep it 1000% and imma keep it legit as a black man not all white women go for black guys remember they go for Latinos Asians and other cats for that matter as well and just because a white girl does not choose to be with a black guy that doesn't mean she's racist that means she you know she has a preference and when a white woman has her own preference there's nothing wrong with that.
GeniusLoci1970 (3 months ago)
I love Black African Women! My type is dark chocolate! Much love from Poland !
Devonta Williams (3 months ago)
Polish asshole i hey are looking racist about woman thaink euorpean polish guy white being racist for not is black women love 👎 like more black guy kiss good. shut up fucks polish pig pig 🐖 hhahhah
ajbrown218villa (3 months ago)
This guys is awkward man
Supreme (3 months ago)
The Game (3 months ago)
Fake no body like black
Prod. Glocky (3 months ago)
Why the camera man do her like that🤣🔫
Prachi Negi (3 months ago)
Marc Calizaire (3 months ago)
Yutube promoting the new world order. Starts with genocide.
Omoke. (3 months ago)
How he say Fuck😕
Nikos Μαραγκος (3 months ago)
Ask the black woman's what want the blacks or the white ??? Hahahahahahhaa
Supreme Sam Jones (3 months ago)
It seems like this dude was mad that the girl called white guys ugly
Wants you go black you never go back... Exactly what it means you don't go back to black. Funny how the hottest black girls date white guys
Mig Vander13 (3 months ago)
I understand that there are white and black women who prefer white men and there are others who prefer black men, ok that repeats. What I hate is that in full 2018 we are still dividing into black and white groups when in reality, when in reality we should be a single group, with no difference in race or anything else. We are all the same shit, People !!!
ty the great 1 (3 months ago)
Everybody knows that we are the dominate race in the world.. Been that way since slavery. White people know they can't fuck with us..
Amen Wahid (4 months ago)
Dude I am not racist but it is a fact that many black woman are begging for my big white dick.
Amen Wahid (4 months ago)
When you go black your future children being fucked by white.
Alok Anand (4 months ago)
U look like a child bro
Steel Here (4 months ago)
"Do You Prefer Rich Guys or Wealthy Guys?"
Nemesis (4 months ago)
Why do you pick white guys over black guys? stupid question when asking a white chick lol
Trice M (4 months ago)
I’m black and I do not discriminate 😇😂
Anthony Johnson (4 months ago)
White people triggered lmao. Women love melanated strong men. That's why the pale people hate us. Lmao Team AFRICAN Diaspora. 💪🏾. PS I love my black women
R160AExpress (4 months ago)
good videos man keep it up
Peter Aremone (4 months ago)
This is pathetically desperate shit my friend. This is why Black women look really down upon Black men. Most races stick to themselves, that's why diversity even exists. Any racial predatory nature is going to end very badly for the predators once the other side decides to hit back in kind or worse.
Peter Aremone wrong black women mostly choose black men when asked lol. This is entertainment and white guys do this to. You're just butt hurt the world gets to view that alot of women prefer black and light skin men over white. Team Melanin 💪🏾
Ahmed Dogheem (4 months ago)
If it is not white it is not right
Ahmed Dogheem (4 months ago)
Hi Zuniga slaves Buy
Rob Black (4 months ago)
This is good these woman aren’t with black men...let them stick with their own white men Black men or women are the children of Israel according to the Bible... and are commanded not to marry gentiles... it’s and abomination... it doesn’t matter if a white girl would they are heathen according to the Bible and it’s a sin
lassseerrr yah (2 months ago)
You misinterpreted it from the bible. I know exactly what you're talking about too but i promise you you misinterpreted it. What that verse meant was getting together with someone of a different belief, not race. Someone on the breakfast club miscounducted that probably leading people to believe that misinterpretation honestly.
Marc Calizaire (3 months ago)
Rob Black but you no black the sad thing is the black race do not follow the law of god. Thats we curse as a race. We better wake the fuck up. Thats why the other race using genocide.
Lovelm Purple (4 months ago)
Rob Black 👏👏
Akeem Joseph (4 months ago)
Some of y'all hate y'all own race so much ...lol if u hate your race u hate yourself ... when u degrade your race u degrade yourself.... just saying ... all humans were made equal ...all of us were made in God's image.... no race is inferior to an other... love your race love yourself .... at the end we are all the same ....😊
rcandminilover (4 months ago)
Why,does it matter."WHO they PREFER".We,need to stop...WANTING/NEEDING their approval for anything.!!!
The Football Bible (4 months ago)
Dating a Moroccan guy (Not white nor black, the perfect skin) is the best you can do. Who agree?
Blake Green (3 months ago)
+The Football Bible If racist whites get their way your light skinned ass would be hanging right next to my dark chocolate ass, FACTZ my African brother!!!
Marc Calizaire (3 months ago)
Morocco are africans. That speak french.
The Football Bible (3 months ago)
+Blake Green You don't know the history of Morocco. I'm semitic. I'm neither black or white. I'm light skinned.
Blake Green (3 months ago)
+The Football Bible You're Black. Born in Africa. I'm not going to go back and forth with you, you're clearly lost and white washed. Figure your history out.
The Football Bible (3 months ago)
+Blake Green We moroccans aren't black neither white. We got the perfect skin
Isaiah Alexander (4 months ago)
Lol Asians hate Black people doesn't that fool know that he's embrassimg
Vladimír Novak (3 months ago)
show some proof then
Isaiah Alexander alot of other videos on YouTube proves differently
You look like a cat
Benedict Austard (4 months ago)
I don't fuck care!.
Indigo Rayne (4 months ago)
Question for the white dudes? What do you call white men like Robert De Naro, Wolfgang Puck, George Lucas, Phil Coleman (from Def leopard) and a slew of successful white males and counting, who is married to black Women ? Are they called Mudsharks too.. I want to know so I can call people Mudsharks lol ijs
Indigo Rayne (4 months ago)
I wanna know if they are called mud sharks too.. Mind your business hun
Indigo Rayne who cares. Most black women are with black men. So focus on unity. Not degrading terms that they make up
Kolvicz D (4 months ago)
Once you are brain wash you never go back. As simple as that. black guy, blue guys, white guy, purple guy or whatever guy, anyone can get a girl who is real and not brain-dead-wash by stereotypes. Going to the street and asking girls if black guys are more appealing is just kind of needy and desperate, don't you think?. A real men doesn't beg for approval that way. Sadly i see many black guys wanting white girls approval for the stereotype like this or that they have bigger dick. A real girl with a little bit of IQ will look for a guys much beyond dick size and stereotypes. Only headless chicken jumps into believing any stereotypes and pornhub.
robert rozeboom (4 months ago)
robert rozeboom (4 months ago)
these white traitors fucking bitches
robert rozeboom (4 months ago)
only dumb white girls date black guys, because theire insecoure and theire sick in the head, kill all
Aja Faith (4 months ago)
that fat bitch ignorant 😬
NIGGER !! You told me to say it hahahaha
Andreas Hansson (4 months ago)
Listen all white, black, latino and asian guy. Girls going after your personality like us guys. All girls say the same thing in this video.
Richard crude (4 months ago)
This idiot is insecure and needs dumb white girls to make his ego feel good
FruityTube (4 months ago)
Donivan Gardner (4 months ago)
Whats one thing that white guy's have that a black guy doesn't...... Uhhh a fuckin job lol.
Wilbert Chara Ventura (4 months ago)
for whom you work gay??
Nemesis (4 months ago)
Once you go Black you never go back thats because your Parents don't want you Back.
Nicolay Santangelo (4 months ago)
once you go Black white won`t take you back :-)

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