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113- Oracle SQL 12c: Managing Data in Different Time Zones 1

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EXAM 1Z0-061 EXAM 1Z0-071 •Time Zones. •Timestamp Data type •timestamp with time zone •timestamp with local time zone •V$TIMEZONE_NAMES •DBTIMEZONE •SESSIONTIMEZONE •current_date •current_timestamp •Localtimestamp •alter session set time_zone •Extract expression •TZ_OFFSET •from_tz •to_timestamp •to_yminterval •to_dsinterval
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soukaina idrissi (1 year ago)
Hi Mr alkhudari I have some problems with agent tz region value in EM. After installing of ORACLE 11G R2 on Windows 8.1. I launched EM, and I get: The agentTZRegion value in [ORACLE_HOME]/sysman/config/emd.properties is not in agreement with what agent thinks it should be.Please verify your environment to make sure that TZ setting has not changed since the last start of the agent. How can i fix that ? And thank you for your help

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