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12 Strange Things Found in the Sahara

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From the EYE of the Desert, to the most unique glass fragments from nowhere, these are 12 STRANGE Things Found in the Sahara Desert ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 7. Gerboise Bleue Test Site France became the fourth nuclear powered nation after the USA, USSR and Great Britain. They were eager to test out their destruction device and decided to launch their first test in the Algerian Saharan Desert in 1960’s, with a bomb called the Gerboise bleue, near the Berber county of Reggane. We found the coordinates of the launch testing site and as we took a closer look to try to see the crater google earth, something appears to be cut and pasted of the area where it took place You can still see some of the discoloration of the sand from the original black and white photo that you see here.It you get somewhere close to the testing site by foot, you might come across a sighn like this, warning those who dare venture any further. The huge cloud of sand that was released from the atom bomb apparently spread radioactivity into neighboring countries and even into the south of France. Could the extreme heat from the blast, have created something similar to the Libyan desert glass? 6. Ghadames Located a few hundred miles from mediterranean sea, Ghadames is nicknamed, the pearl of the desert because of its pearl white apartment buildings.It was basically an abandoned city in the Sahara Desert for a long period of time when its source of water dried up. Located in the country of Libya. Ghadames was recently listed as a world heritage site and its origins date back to the 4th millennium BC. After miles and miles of endless desert, people must be thinking they’re seeing a mirage when they come across the revived date orchards. The Romans used it to stor e supplies and helped them secure north africa as part of their empire. Temperatures in this area have reached as high as 131 degrees fahrenheit. New housing was designed around the old city that can put up with the heat and it’s now home to about 10,000 residents. 5. Acacus Mountains This mountain range in the center of the Sahara, forms between the countries of Libya and Algeria. It’s here where you’ll find a large variation of strange dune and rock formations like the Rock arch in Tadrart. This is also where you would find the ancient rock art of the Sahara, or what’s left of it. The paintings depicted giraffes, elephants, ostriches and horses and date back to 12,000 BC. The UNESCO State of Conservation reported a large about of vandalism with sledge hammers that appeared to intentionally inflicted to damage the paintings and many of them were looted. This happened when the country was under a little bit of political chaos. 4. The Saharan Horned Viper By looking at photos, many might come to the conclusion the the Sahara is a lifeless wasteland. But this certainly isn’t the case and it’s home to a unique and somewhat creepy wildlife ecosystem. Possibly the most intimidating looking snake makes itself home in Northern Africa and it has horns coming out of its head, almost like the devil himself. These horns as actually protect their eyes while they’re slithering through the Sahara sands and are very aggressive. This nocturnal, carnivorous creatures feasts on things like rodents, birds and lizards. 3. Desert Breath What could this thing possibly be? A UFO landing site? No it’s actually an art installation in Eastern Egypt. The winds of the Sahara have somewhat eroded the spiral but that’s to be somewhat expected after 10 years. This was created by a group of Greek artists and it covers a space of about 25 acres. Roughly 8000 cubic meters of sand was dug out and there used to be a body of water 98 feet deep in the center but this quickly evaporated. The artists stated that it was meant to represent the infinity of the desert. Today it sort of represents a passage of time. 2. The City of Timbuktu Located on the southern edge of the Sahara in the country of Mali, is where you’ll find the historical city of Timbuktu. It’s used in expressions, describing a really far away place but it does actually exist! Between the 12th and 14 century, this city thrived and was extremely wealthy from trading salt and ivory. This commodity was traded by large caravans of camels and it brought an enormous amount of wealth to the Malian Empire. They constructed immense fortifications around the city with a unique architecture that’s not still commonly seen today. 1.The Eye of the Sahara Hmm ok, i was told there was some kind of eye looking formation somewhere around here on google maps… Where is it? Oh! There it is! American Eye is presenting you the Saharan Eye, which is located in the country or Mauritania! This massive geological structure is in the shape of a nearly perfect circle with a 25 mile diameter! It’s so big, that Nasa used to use it as a reference point when they entered space! There are many theories on how it formed.
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Daimonik (2 days ago)
THE AMERICAN EYE is a payed chill... let be honest, who think believes that the Eye of the sahara is a alien landing space?? Thanks a great way to discredit someone research by attaching it to the people who believe that alien land and make marks on the ground... The Eye of the sahara Is clearly man made!!!
D G (8 days ago)
V 4 Vendetta (12 days ago)
Lol the glass is yellow in color because it has euranium in it. It has nothing to do with a meteor unless there are meteors that contain euranium and little else.
TAGITA08 (13 days ago)
If you need some attention, go to YOUTUBE and produce a silly movie
TAGITA08 (13 days ago)
This snake hasn´t nothing to do with the "devil" so silly...
TAGITA08 (13 days ago)
Sometimes we get some Saharasand in Noth germany -thats normal...
TAGITA08 (13 days ago)
The desert Gobi is also the hottest area of the world...
john knapp (17 days ago)
I feel sorry for you I'll educated fools who believe in Atlantis. Plato was a fucking story teller. Get your shit together.
Lost Angel (24 days ago)
MrOnabanana (1 month ago)
Vales with legs.. wtf.. do some resurtch
MrOnabanana (1 month ago)
Horrible voice .. horrible!!!
Zero Control (1 month ago)
did you find this Just a mention . Images of the "Eyes of Sahara" that are everywhere in Africa. https://www.facebook.com/pg/atunstall13/photos/?tab=album&album_id=389168364853593 Maps to a mystery : https://steemit.com/atunstall/@antonytunstall/eyes-of-sahara
Jim Watts (1 month ago)
American Eye, the whales got there by swimming you ignorant jerk. Africa was once underwater, There are billions of other marine remains/fossils all across Africa.
Herter (1 month ago)
My god, this is the worst accent I have ever heard in my life.. you sound like a parody of someone weird, making you extremely weird sounding.. Some people are not fit to narrate things or talk in public.. or talk at all.. you need to be the microphonehandler instead as that requires less skill
Van de Haze (1 month ago)
Do your research about the eye man! Its freakin' Atlantis! Read plato compair details or just watch the video from Bright insight about it ;)
OneThrough8 (4 days ago)
He forgot to wear his tinfoil hat.
Elle Sunshine (1 month ago)
King Ahaz (1 month ago)
Van de Haze Was just thinking the same
Darryl Lowe (1 month ago)
Dude your info is false lol
Brandon Wells (1 month ago)
The eye is actually Atlantis. There’s a really good video that breaks down the facts behind it
David Marx (19 days ago)
It may possibly be Atlantis but it will be very difficult to prove since the area is over run by terrorists and no one can explore the area safely.
Elle Sunshine (1 month ago)
Graham (1 month ago)
This video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDoM4BmoDQM
MartinIDavies (1 month ago)
why is the American flag waving and interrupting and distracting from the vid?
mattronimus (1 month ago)
the eye of the Sahara is... Atlantis
Malin Södergren (1 month ago)
Does the stars on the Sahara flag represents 50 regions of Sahara, from the Province of Oued Ed-Dahab Lagouira in the west to Al Bahr al-Ahmar in the east?
James N. (2 months ago)
What's the music starting at 1:36 from?
jamal rezki (2 months ago)
I like turtles 🐢
M W (2 months ago)
Wrong in your assessment, please read before you utter. The concept of the pyramid came from Nubia to Egypt and not the other way around. Egypt evolved from Nubia(Sudan)
Afrika Plug (2 months ago)
The Pyramids of Monroe came before Egypt and way before Egypt in fact from Kush Kemet was born the time of Egypt was a time of invaders they had nothing to do with the actual ancient culture or the pyrimids and till this day they know absolutely nothing about the pyramids they also assume Giza was a tomb based off the fact that the pyramids of Monroe where tombs so saying they learned from their neighbours to the north is a lie they are older and built for a different purpose you should do more research before disrespecting peoples culture and spreading lies
Rebel Rabble Rouser (3 months ago)
The Bible talks of horned vipers
Tiago Martins Lacerda (3 months ago)
This glass was formed by nucllear explosion.
YonI (3 months ago)
If there was no pyramids and architectural statues and art older than any european country they would of said old egypt was african
YonI (3 months ago)
Actually the same ppl built the pyramids in eygpt the churches and oblisk in ethiopia the mero building in sudan same ppl all over this guys always trying to make it seem like the pyramids is not african
apoorva Rao (4 months ago)
Awesome video and very informative too but i cant help thinking if the voice behind has a nose blocking cold 😕
Ayoub 1440 (4 months ago)
If u want 2 challenge life best place is the Sahara desert
Paul Serocco (4 months ago)
SalikUlHaqq (5 months ago)
was it not the Nubians who built the first pyramids?
Carl Peters (6 months ago)
Very nice video for little children.
Penguin Pie (6 months ago)
learn to pronounce: legged, brooch
blue steel (6 months ago)
pythagarus theory
Lucille Hino (7 months ago)
Need to add satellite mapping of ancient megalakes greater than the Great Lakes. Look up Green Sahara
1-in-Billion (7 months ago)
Beating pewdie pie with this voice???......naaa!!😂
KatariaGujjar (7 months ago)
Anybody else find his pronunciation of 'Sahara' extremely annoying?
Mr. C (4 days ago)
KatariaGujjar it’s an extreme American version 😄
TheTruthWillPrevail (8 months ago)
The Arab will be dismissed from all of upper Africa.
Bertl Barm (8 months ago)
every march we get some sahara sand to europe by southern winds
Edin (8 months ago)
I don't believe that you chose only the nuclear bomb from Algeria, the desert of that country have a lot of things that you didn't mention , like the part where it looks like mars, or the ancient cities there or the alien drawings or or or or or...... You can do a whole video with just the algerian desert and it's one of the most beautiful desert in the world worth the visit
Maranatha Quickly (9 months ago)
Oh BS those where not land whales. The entire earth was covered in water during Noah's flood. They still think we are fool enough to believe the deception.
Tarja Saraskoivu (9 months ago)
What can think,that snow in Sahara,really colorexpierence
Saintsinnz (9 months ago)
I flew into then Canarias Isles during one of those sand storms. Was like red fog. Was a strange atmosphere & very scary landing at the time time. Think they called it a ‘sirocco’
Ali Khan (9 months ago)
Libyan desert Glass? When we make glass under pressure we call it man made diamond but in reality, it is the same glass as the Libyan desert and when nature makes a diamond in time we call it diamond but it is little different to the Libyan so call desert Glass. It is all but politics in everything. Damn it.
Sina (10 months ago)
good content!
Larry Tischler (10 months ago)
Sahara sand storm remnants often reach Miami. Occasionally they reach Houston.
ARstudios (10 months ago)
lol pass pewdipie I have a very quiet place here on the tube with few subscribers but I will subscribe for that reason
Aziz Shabazz Maxim (10 months ago)
Excuse me but the meroe pyramids are older than the Egyptians'
peter gibson (1 month ago)
you can't date stone so how can anyone say how old any pyramid is??.....you cant! but one thing is for sure....the giza pyramids are far more impressive. but you're both right that there were no white people present :-D
Hisham Abbass (3 months ago)
Max Maxim you are right ...I am nubian from Sudan ...
Aziz Shabazz Maxim (7 months ago)
Mak Bak. Im not particularly concerned with the race of the Egyptians. It's not relevant actually. I just contest the eurocentrists' ideas. I've studied Egypt extensively throughout my childhood on. You may be right about the info you've presented however (ALL) Egyptian history is subjective because of the whitewashing of history as well as the new tech coming into play. We will just have to disagree..it happens a lot over ancient Egypt. Conclusively the Egyptians gave homage to the kushites and ethiopians as the origin of there society pointing to the south from whence their ancestors come. The ancient egyptians left evidence of who they were. I'd prefer to agree and believe the egyptians before i would modern scientists. Modern eurocentrics have spread to many lies to give them credit of anything. As for me everything is suspect. Just like the Armana mummies being found to not be european people but Egyptians being rather homogenous to their own race.. while all the while being mullatos who have simply had the negroid blood bred out..bred out..bred out..bred out.. Need i say more
Mak Bak (7 months ago)
There are three Kushite kingdoms that had been identified . The first had its capital at kerma (2600–1520 BC). The second was centered on Napata(1000–300 BC). Finally, the last kingdom was centered on Meroe (300 BC–AD 300). While the earliest Egyptian pyramid is the pyramid of Djoser was built (2630 BC- 2611 BC) , Most of the nubian pyramids date to the early part of the Kushite period, from Alara of nubia (795–752 BC) to King Nastasen (335–315 BC). So in short the Nubians started building pyramids approximately 800 years after the Egyptian stopped building pyramids. Source : Sudan and Southern Sudan by Dorothy Kavanaugh Exploring Pyramids Around the World: Making Models of Geometric Solids by Orli Zuravicky Mycerinus, the temples of the third pyramid at Giza by Reisner. Thanx sir ,but I'm stating results from different studied conducted on the nubian pyramids . So it's up to you to believe what you want (BTw , I'm egyptian and l'm not white &you should stop looking to Egypt from a racial point to be able to study egyptology .) 😀😀😀😀
Aziz Shabazz Maxim (7 months ago)
The nubian pyramids predate the egyptians' pyramids by at least 500 years. The nubians actually introduced the pyramids to egypt. You can be sure of this by the number of pyramids that was practiced on to perfect the designs. I see there are too many people trying to be egyptologists and the learned people who know the facts about egypt is downplayed by people who think that egypt was white and claim hyksos invaders are the real pharoahs. Anyone teaching this is doing a great inhumanity and whitewashing of other people's culture. The egyptians depicted themselves along with nubians lybians and others destinctively similar too nubians and distinctively different from the invaders. Furthermore egyptians left depictions on the walls of exactly what color they were. Egypt needs to kick out those white egyptologists who has misinterpreted their history to the world. They are a disgrace. Sorry but armana mummies was invading hyksos. That's what egyptians said and depicted and no dna test will determine who they were. They already told us. White people are delusional as hell if they think they was ever in Egypt. Africans still retain names and customs as well as the same made items that was used in Egypt. Also some of the same words are still spoken in Africa. Not one African Egyptian word is still use in not one European language ever recorded. What a waste of african culture. Please! I hope they dont think their opinions are authentic because the facts lead to a black african culture no matter what any culture vultured say. They must take a backseat to the people who know the truth. BTW...if egyptians was white then why are the people from egypt banning whitewashed films and movies from Egyptian media? No answer needed i already know the truth.
Steven (11 months ago)
Wow large caravans of Camels use to trade with Humans! I never knew that.
Sam Esaw (11 months ago)
Eye of the Sierra was Atlantis, then an earthquake dropped the region and the inner ocean drained out creating the desert we see today.
Hamoooz Karaki (11 months ago)
Fun fact: Sahara mean desert in arabic language صحراء = Sahara Btw Nice video! ;)
someone (11 months ago)
The thumbnail is called Dragon Breath in Egypt it was made by an artist and it was built in 1992 I think.
Hassan Don748 (1 year ago)
noway jose (1 year ago)
Could #1 be Atlantis?
mick4dennis (1 year ago)
The whale bones were from a period some 3 million years ago when the Sahara had great lakes that took up a 3rd of the land area, some parts of the Sahara had shallows similar to the Florida Everglades that was an ideal breeding location for the whales.
Lvngit Platform (9 months ago)
mick4dennis spot on! They need to better research.
Tymareonna Gaines (1 year ago)
Tymareonna Gaines (1 year ago)
the picture display explains how to leave earth orbit.
Thomas Lavigne (1 year ago)
Pyramids are not tombs and there is no evidence to support this false claim and lie being told as apart of history! Stop keeping this false belief alive. Do some research on YouTube. The truth is out there and it's more interesting than you have been told.
Namrud Girma (6 months ago)
There is no mummified body ever found in pyramids.
See Min Lim (1 year ago)
Explain for the mummified bodies they have found in the Pyramids.
Thomas Lavigne (1 year ago)
Read Carl Munck ....The Code on you tube
Cliff Yablonski (1 year ago)
Nubians were black and stupid
Cliff Yablonski Eat shit u stupid bitch
Lee Brewer (1 year ago)
<aybe one day we will start listening to science instead of media filtered "science" and all have a big laugh over global warming. I did long ago.
XXWolfyy ChanXX (1 year ago)
Lol my name is Sahara :3
Rex M (1 year ago)
laugh out loud you know better than that you're not going to ever surpass PewDiePie and I like you guys but that's just ain't real
Abhishek Kumar Sah (1 year ago)
https://earth.google.com/web/search/sahara+desert+tour,+Merzouga,+Morocco/@24.92277654,17.75723281,400.5713501a,1361.65151375d,35y,253.5226219h,0t,0r/data=CigiJgokCaW1KiHFqDtAEY9sJjrHkjRAGf98tsITiibAIa5RX7NmqTDA See this
Abhishek Kumar Sah (1 year ago)
You can see a left leg in that creator of lybia
TrancEndingMedia (1 year ago)
nubians were only at war with ancient khem when it was becoming egypt as a result of a series of conquests from assyrians to greco romans to arabs and last but not least the brits.... *nubians and ancient khemetians were the same people*
Clive Ocnacuwenga (1 year ago)
WHAT IS THE purpose of the American Flag? Clive Ocnacuwenga
EDEN EARTH 367 (3 months ago)
Because we love America.
Jeff Munoz (5 months ago)
Being a bit general so the amount of states before and after.
Asma Salah (1 year ago)
are there any Libyans here? ??☻
Nour Max (4 months ago)
buchner funnel (1 year ago)
the reason the rock art was destroyed i cause islam tells them to do it.
Dr. Ronald Cutburth (1 year ago)
Now explain why/how the Lybian Glass was used in weapons by the Aztecs. Would explaind global trade before Spanish arrived. Thank you for this quick tour which helps us find places to visit and a caution to bring water.
Artur Rosa (1 year ago)
I would subscribe if you'd use the metric system or at least provide its equivalent measures, like many channels are doing more and more (e.g., SciShow, TodayIFoundOut, etc, etc). It's too tiresome for the common non-american viewer to always have to translate fahrenheit, miles, feet, etc, to metric, when seeing your videos.
Paul Eliot (1 year ago)
if you slow down a little you would pronounce your words way better
ike fanfan (1 year ago)
Valerie Pallaoro (1 year ago)
Thank you ... this is the best yet; you've covered all the great ones, Timbuktu, The Kush, but also thrown up the only recently known. If anything, you've made me want to go and take this list and visit them all. Nice - very nice, indeed!
Customer Reports (1 year ago)
how can you make such a video and not talk about the pictures of aliens in the tassili desert of algeria? for those who didnt hear about it you can googlle this "tassili aliens algeria"
Steeple Jack (1 year ago)
God! What a monotonous voice!
Mahfoud Amrani (1 year ago)
dirtyvibess (1 year ago)
one of the bombs names are blah? LOL
Gary Gilstrap (1 year ago)
The eye of the Sahara is from a plasma discharge, like a 20 mile wide lightning bolt caused by the close passing of a planet, same as Olympus Mons on Mars.
Silly willy Suicide (1 year ago)
Every time I see that thumbnail of pewdewpie dressed in a girls underwear, it reminds me of that disgraced Canadian colonel Russell Williams dressed in girls underwear its gross
Randy paul (1 year ago)
BrewBlaster (1 year ago)
From what I have read; most all the vandalism was just plain goofy.
BrewBlaster (1 year ago)
Sometimes you should figure out that you shouldn't live at some messed up places and make sure you MOVE.
Jumpin Jack (1 year ago)
donkey love..😓
agriperma (1 year ago)
Million year old Illuminati base ?, ok. let me get my tin hat. :)
Xiaohua Mei (1 year ago)
96 :D
shadow sundqvist (1 year ago)
Strange this found it youtube American eye.
Laser DuChamp (1 year ago)
Best thing I found in the Sahara was the home where Luke Skywalker grew up, the original set of StarWars is still there in the Atlas mountains in Tunisia on the edge of the Sahara
TAGITA08 (13 days ago)
Yes, I´ve been there, gorgeous
Scarce Is Gay (1 year ago)
Im not trying to be rude or mean but pewdiepie has 50mil subs
Trololol0814 (1 year ago)
Well so much for a great Oasis....damn mosquitoes.
Leonidas 101 (20 days ago)
Jeremy Stone (1 year ago)
1:11 lol ok
CubeFighters (1 year ago)
mysteries so many mysteries. I think the biggest mysterie is who is American eye?
-BerkehanPlayz - (1 year ago)
People of the comments place you migth know me couse i comment on American Eyes videos and guess what its my birth day! 20.02.2017 is my birth day so the people reading this can you please! subscribe to my channel ill be so happy if i reach 100 subs couse i need 91 more subs so i have 9 Cya hope you have an great day
Jeremy Stone (1 year ago)
Berkehan-Roblox And More You are not a newborn. You type like one, sound like one, look like a newborn that got stuck in a meat grinder.
Jared Rodgers (1 year ago)
Hey keep on making videos there really fun to watch so I'm sure you will rise to be one of the better youtubers out
Jay Boy (1 year ago)
I think it's actually a Basilosaurus Not Bastilosaurus
Kyro Pyro (1 year ago)
how are you meant to get passed pewdiepie?! you 304k subs pewdiepie 53million subs
Karen Dobrowolski (1 year ago)
Christians know the true answer to Noah's ark. Yes, he did build one. Yes, God did flood the whole earth with water. Every people group on the planet have an ancient story handed down about the earth being covered with water in a huge flood. This originated with the people in Mesopotamia, but many other people groups have the same story. If you look up a scientist named Tim Mahoney, you'll get more info about the search for the ark, and the proof for the parting of the Red Sea.
Logan Cressler (1 month ago)
Have some pepper to go with that salt.
Stephen Boyd (1 month ago)
I was being nice, but you are obviously intellectually superior so I'll assume you know everything. You are supercilious, and socially inept. Have fun lecturing away your esteem.
Logan Cressler (1 month ago)
It is absolutely a theory. And if you look throughout our history, there have been a ton of "proven scientific fact" that were later found out to be not true, half true, or completely bogus based on flawed perceptions or lack of knowledge. So dont be so fast to rush to that "fact" word. Also, everything you know, you only know it because someone spoke words and told it to you. You only know what other people have told you. How do you know its true? Research bias. So please save the lectures on scientific fact.
Stephen Boyd (1 month ago)
Logan Cressler..There is no "theory" about a flood chum. It's a well established scientific fact that there have been many floods in our history. The last great one was 11 600 years ago, sea level is 400 ft higher today as a result. All civilizations around the world have a myth surrounding it, and you and I are the results of the survivors. Religions were formed and the stories they tell are of the Planets, and their collisions. Later, men changed the story to God, instead of "The Gods" If this is something which interests you, and trust me it's fascinating, can I suggest looking into The Thunderbolts project. Scientists applying science to myths, the results are astounding. Cheers
L-GUN (1 month ago)
I'm Yoruba from Nigeria and we also have a flood myth. Many African civilizations do.
Lols For Lily (1 year ago)
You think you can pass Pewdiepie with 50,000,000 subs when you only have 303,208?
Ege100100 (1 year ago)
Lols For Lily r u dum
Eternity (1 year ago)
Its_Infinityy (1 year ago)
2:52 why do you say museum like that?
Its_Infinityy (1 year ago)
Jeremy Stone i say it like myoo-zee-um i think most people say it like that
Jeremy Stone (1 year ago)
Its_Infinityy Thats how I say it. " myoo-zam"
Ege100100 (1 year ago)
Its_Infinityy accent maybe
Boba Fettish (1 year ago)
Haha, I don't watch these videos for facts anymore, just the mispronunciations.

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