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Two Girls Go Deer Hunting

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http://ruthvideo.com/ Two girls go deer hunting. A scene from Deep South Deer Camp, available on DVD at ruthvideo.com
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Text Comments (8)
MrAirman812 (1 year ago)
Yep....that was stupid...
Tyler Bryant (5 years ago)
Thanks for giving all hunters a bad name and makin us look stupid
jrx3707 (6 years ago)
heres a tip for you girls GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN!!!!!!
Garnett M (6 years ago)
Just a word of advice it`s the vid you wanted basic hunt !- just don`t walk through the sticks with the rifle aiming at the other hunters head .
LouB (6 years ago)
Visit your site, this was bad enough.
Miranda Randall (6 years ago)
wow....... your not even wearing camo.....
steviebar (6 years ago)
Jake Kniest (8 years ago)
Nothing like girls and guns. Very good photography Stinky

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