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Best Fails of the Year 2017: Part 1 (December 2017) || FailArmy

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2017 is done, guys! Let's celebrate with the best fails of the year. Let us know your favorites in the comments below and come back next Friday for Part 2! Want even more FailArmy? Join us on Twitch today for our Holiday Special live stream at 4pm PST: https://goo.gl/ahx1ER ►►► SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS! http://bit.ly/fasubmit SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/fasubscribe FACEBOOK • http://bit.ly/fafbpage INSTAGRAM • http://bit.ly/fainsta TWITTER • http://bit.ly/fatweet TWITCH • http://bit.ly/FailArmyTwitch Check out FailArmy U!!! • http://bit.ly/failu FailArmy gear • http://bit.ly/failmerch FailArmy is the world’s number one source for epic fail videos and hilarious compilations. We’re powered by fan submissions and feedback from all around the world, with over 30 million fans across digital platforms! To license any of the videos shown on FailArmy, please visit Jukin Media at http://bit.ly/jukinlicense. Videos: Strong Lightning Strikes Tree https://goo.gl/FoKxGT Guy Breaks High Jump https://goo.gl/MgsEoU Girl Falls When Shirt Gets Caught On Swing Motorcyclist Narrowly Misses Being Hit by Motorcycle https://goo.gl/G89kSW Little Girl Pushes Sister Off Bench https://goo.gl/G5j1ki Kid Can't Stop on Zip Line Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water https://goo.gl/12P9NB Girl Breaks Window While Trying to Kill Spider https://goo.gl/Rce1VE Kid Falls After Swinging Golf Club https://goo.gl/4Fk7EB Guy Struggles to Take Down Tree https://goo.gl/KhsJKs Dog Stands on Front Legs while Peeing https://goo.gl/wizCbH Semi Truck Has Raised Trailer https://goo.gl/7M7rMZ Semi Truck Has Raised Trailer https://goo.gl/CpqeUm Horse Plays with Squeaky Toy https://goo.gl/Xj48Ws Guy Gets Hit by Dummy's Hand https://goo.gl/q1Thvb Cyclist Flips Over Handlebars in Street https://goo.gl/f1cshA Guy Jumps Off Cliff and Lands on Boat https://goo.gl/Uq9frL Woman Lights Hair on Fire with Flat Iron https://goo.gl/vsT5pp Elephant Seal Rolls Down Hill https://goo.gl/egu8Wf Mall Falls Trying to Remove Nail on Wall https://goo.gl/uBv35o Kids Rip Tablet from Shelf https://goo.gl/LscKGp Guy Slips off Edge of Canyon and Into Water https://goo.gl/TQtAAJ Tree Removal Knocks Down Lamppost https://goo.gl/GR6qX9 Woman Twerks in Front of Chimpanzee https://goo.gl/vHG6NT Guys Accidentally Drop Turkey into Pot of Oil https://goo.gl/qm892W Girl Riding Paddle Board With Dog Runs Into Rocks and Falls https://goo.gl/xQkm7z Girl Slips While Casting Fishing Rod Model Falls Off Chair While Trying to Pose https://goo.gl/pSMuAh Girl Breaks Child's Swing https://goo.gl/YC7rAz Woman Gets Hit by Elephant Truck https://goo.gl/Y3eww8 Girl Falls Off Swing While Blowing Kiss to Camera https://goo.gl/v4vwVq Waves Crash into Couple During Selfie https://goo.gl/B5m1zN Woman Falls Into Pool With Phone https://goo.gl/NzkndY Bride Jumps into Ocean Boy Sprays Face With Water Hose https://goo.gl/bJvT83 Firecracker Nearly Explodes in Guy's Hand https://goo.gl/i7kXpu Man Jumps Off Van and Breaks Table https://goo.gl/26cnR8 Car Flies in the Air and Crashes into Traffic Light https://goo.gl/5cBj3H Guy Nearly Hits Hit On Concrete During Backflip https://goo.gl/EjrFjt Guy in Inner Tube Goes Down Dry Slide Teen Tries to Do Trick on Skateboard https://goo.gl/P2Rhro Girl Tries Apple Cider Vinegar for the First Time https://goo.gl/Dibaj5 Dog Yanks Branch off Tree https://goo.gl/8SQqrd Dog Falls off Tree https://goo.gl/sZ6iC5 Dog Eyes Owner's Food https://goo.gl/8HkBf5 Owner Throws Ball at Uninterested Dog https://goo.gl/p4zGVa Woman Gets Chased by Chicken https://goo.gl/G2ng9y Guy Has a Close Encounter with Giraffe https://goo.gl/uiiKyD Mountain Goat Knocks Down Kid https://goo.gl/5bdoyf Guy in Dinosaur Costume Scares Kids https://goo.gl/68qGEV Out of Control Mail Truck Rolls over Mailbox https://goo.gl/7efxNN Person Scares Friend in Hallway Dad Scares Kids with Pig Mask https://goo.gl/bW1ry9 Guy Tries to Throw Dart Behind Back https://goo.gl/GXu6fU Guy Tries to Fly over Four Chairs Dad Tries to Move BBQ Grill Down Stairs https://goo.gl/qihcAS Pileup at Bike Race https://goo.gl/LPr4eq House Gets Swallowed by Sinkhole https://goo.gl/HdQLN8 Guy Gets Hit With Weight Doing Shoulder Workout https://goo.gl/iXU9d7 Weights Fall off Barbell while Guy Does Squats https://goo.gl/VT6pxj Semi-Truck Plows Through Cars Stuck in Traffic https://goo.gl/YxGb34 Guy Fails to Jump Over Tree Branch Girl Tries to To Tricks with a Wheelchair https://goo.gl/v6x3yw Paraglider Faceplants in Snow Trying to Take Off https://goo.gl/ZKTQcQ Chef Tries to Fly Drone https://goo.gl/qFJB9o Plate Glass Falls off Ladder https://goo.gl/LUZUQT Kid Accidently Throws Bat Over Fence https://goo.gl/YBvXoL Guy in Panda Suit Breaks Hammock Guy Spins in Purple Box https://goo.gl/cMEkq4 Gets Egg Experiment Wrong https://goo.gl/9u39tr Girl Tries to Cook an Egg on Sidewalk https://goo.gl/fYRp3K Dog Falls Off Bench During Birthday Song https://goo.gl/V4cHpX Best Fails of the Year 2017: Part 1 (December 2017) || FailArmy
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Text Comments (7044)
Don’t Look (33 seconds ago)
Most of these are men. That’s probably the reason why men tend to die earlier
Julia Nuccio (12 hours ago)
4:18 our world is going to be over
Julia Nuccio (12 hours ago)
Because of people like that
Katelyn Cool (12 hours ago)
1:12 I hope she’s okay
IanPop (12 hours ago)
0:37 What arm thing homie? Cx
Owen Japuntich (13 hours ago)
did any one get killed at 11:15?
Humor Latino (14 hours ago)
1:16 pause :)
please sub (15 hours ago)
get me to 30k
Rainer Sagasser (18 hours ago)
Karl Karulin (19 hours ago)
2:35 Hahahahahahahah!
Jo the Trans guy (1 day ago)
2:26 made me laugh so hard
Kot Julek (1 day ago)
8:48 fucking idiot aries
Genrietta O. (1 day ago)
6:56 , обожаю "алло, блять"😂
Ethan Dutka (1 day ago)
0:03 now THATS a lot a DAMAGE
Karam Frs (1 day ago)
1:15 does i am the only one how put the video in slow motion to see her panties
12:29 Santa exe
Natalie Yeung (1 day ago)
That was such a bad (but cute) dog
Rojae Henry (1 day ago)
I love the part when the girl did a do are hair
Ward_101 (1 day ago)
14 30
David Amora (1 day ago)
Miguel Ruiz (2 days ago)
4:04 bruh
Jurn Vissenberg (2 days ago)
Jurn Vissenberg (2 days ago)
Corey redding (2 days ago)
dude the guy that landed on that boat DIED
Whoflungdung (2 days ago)
I laughed so hard at the seal when it went rolling down the hill :D
Sarah J (2 days ago)
3:35 lol
Ali aJr (2 days ago)
Sub here and I will sub to you plus this vid is sick 🤣🤣
ano nym (2 days ago)
That's Crazy cause 2018 is over very fast
Ron Gray (2 days ago)
Best video "start" that I have ever seen! WoW!!
damiN (2 days ago)
4:06 bylem w tym zoo
Thomas Basketball (2 days ago)
MrBeast at 8:51
Elaine La Rosa (2 days ago)
1:36 the best thing I've ever seen.
the BOss (2 days ago)
follow my chanelle pleas
el dto (3 days ago)
Jul Ia (3 days ago)
vorpal hothead (3 days ago)
2:24 bitch you ain't touchin my ass lmao
حسین براتی (3 days ago)
D'amyah Allen (4 days ago)
Well the tree fell down who needs a Christmas tree?
Iram Andonegui (4 days ago)
1:12 alv se rrebelan😂😂😂
Sarah Luaunski (4 days ago)
Marjolein Pls (4 days ago)
The little kid in the store with the ipad XD
Marjolein Pls (4 days ago)
Drop it in, Slow haha
TUHIN HOSSEN (4 days ago)
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S Burr (5 days ago)
"Hold my beer" -most famous of famous last words
Kalique Jackson (5 days ago)
qazvin z. ZzZ. Z. ZqwzZZ. Z Z Z. Z. ZZ. z Z
Kalique Jackson (5 days ago)
ZzZ z z ZQw. z. Z z. zzzz z ZZ we ZZ z z. z ZZ
Marissa Carlson (5 days ago)
The hammock and the panda one reminds me of when I flipped on the hammock cause my mom pushed me to hard
Ell Renee (5 days ago)
How are the accidents funny like wtf sickos
I am Angery (5 days ago)
2:35 I think that could be even a deadly jump. This one is not a fail, more like horror tho.
Tino Wiedemann (5 days ago)
Carson Drummond (5 days ago)
10:28 OMG Im weak ROFL XD LMAO
Louison Nuffer (5 days ago)
Andreia Guerrero (5 days ago)
I might fail and drop my tea laughing cause of this.
Majid Iqbal (5 days ago)
2:59 is she having a dick???
B7S 007 (6 days ago)
8:10 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Ben Pikman (6 days ago)
12:18 dude perfect
Weegeetnik (6 days ago)
2:32 [trumpet music stops]
Mya Parson (6 days ago)
Ok never mind it was one black person
Mya Parson (6 days ago)
But what she did wasn’t dumb
Mya Parson (6 days ago)
I am not being racist but the truth is it’s only white folks in this bc black folks would never do something that dumb
Gabriel campos (6 days ago)
Helen Olusanya (6 days ago)
most of these were quite funny but some of them were really shocking
Editing hacker (6 days ago)
Poor baby at 8:46 😫 I hope he is allright
VIVIAN SOMMER (7 days ago)
3:07 trying to get out of bed like.
Jalil Md tahir (7 days ago)
1:13 *SO SCARY*
Ivan Rebolledo (7 days ago)
Fairyshots (7 days ago)
9:12 and just like that poof! It's gone!
Avery Merchant (7 days ago)
The seal be like: IM OUT😂😂
Douglas Batista (7 days ago)
0:04 http://youtu.be/EAwWPadFsOA?t=17
SJV GAMING (7 days ago)
subscribe please https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbT5rpm_xcMes2jFFOq-Rig?view_as=subscriber
Ranjit (7 days ago)
That older Chinese guy is a hero, if I ever met him I’d buy him a beer.
I am Angery (5 days ago)
They don't drink beer in Asia I think.
Best vs Worst (8 days ago)
julczix _ (8 days ago)
4:08 o kurła
Kristine Abad (8 days ago)
1:15 was on the news, luckily she was safe.
Ryllyr PlayZ Roblox (8 days ago)
2:23 😂😂😂😂😂
Brooke S (8 days ago)
7:44 😂
Kas Spence (8 days ago)
Hedi Yves EMI (8 days ago)
0:47 the boy so cute!!
TheFluffyCactus (8 days ago)
Please stop using car incidents they are actually quite horrific incidents
PitchBlack Yt (8 days ago)
3:06 Cute but Sad.
Minny_ McMacca (8 days ago)
Life got me like 3:08
Yaya Plays (8 days ago)
The one with apple cider got me dead
Massimo Mosciatti (8 days ago)
12:28 top 10 video from the Deep Web
Reece Jones (8 days ago)
10:26 before 10:37 after
Reece Jones (8 days ago)
10:26 before 1037 after
Rijen Echa Putra (8 days ago)
What name ending song?
Marissa Bernales (8 days ago)
real life (8 days ago)
4:06 POLAND :D
Pvk Qxb (8 days ago)
Zosia Misiak (9 days ago)
Polskaaa!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Jezu bekaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jason Kefelian (9 days ago)
2:57 this woman is smoking hot...
Elena Whitmond (9 days ago)
6:53 *C O M B O B R E A K E R*
Monique Streater (9 days ago)
You're stupid people in the bank was still going and y'all ran him over I know that hurt next time you stop dumb dumb
StarBucksKing Jadon (9 days ago)
1:11 the otter just wanted a friend!
そーすちょりー (9 days ago)
Комиссар (9 days ago)
4:00 Russian incoming
umair rocky (9 days ago)
That black pant guy 11:30 idiot and more than this
Grace Bennett (9 days ago)
Some of these fails are tragic accidents not to be laughed at
Unium (10 days ago)
2:23 karma
Xx xX (10 days ago)
1:20 What a hero
Bazi (10 days ago)
haha xd
BlueBear SFM (10 days ago)
New Super Mario Bros DS Story 1:14
XxSHR3DERxX OP (10 days ago)
2:46 she had a dick it looked like

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