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Text Comments (36381)
Nemerok Cid (23 minutes ago)
6.8k peoples think u were misogynistic. But i can't agreed with them XD
Brother Ronardo (53 minutes ago)
I saw the gorilla
Aubrey gamer21 (2 hours ago)
and 1:11
Aubrey gamer21 (2 hours ago)
hi pewds but copyright ali a!!! 0:00
Kagami (2 hours ago)
R0hanni the M0ni (3 hours ago)
*dank epic intro moosic*
Phoenix Master77 (4 hours ago)
Stupid Twitch Thoughts.
Lieon Gaming (4 hours ago)
Make Marzia do the eye tracking😂😂
KD’s gaming (4 hours ago)
Is PewDiePie gay exposed???
Odfjell 69 (4 hours ago)
Dont you have a wife?
david mason (4 hours ago)
the 3 magic words that started it all 2:14💀
Frosted Danks (4 hours ago)
Can we copystrike pewdiepie
Ok ay (5 hours ago)
This is... monetized..?
Overkill_ 11300 (5 hours ago)
i wonder how the minecraft part is not age restricted
Kona GD (5 hours ago)
pewdiepie is gay confirmed
Carbon_- Kush (6 hours ago)
jake hill outro❤
What a Show (6 hours ago)
How men's minds work
problematic memes (6 hours ago)
Seriously did he just say that? Im gonna copy strike this guy
Roger Niles (7 hours ago)
wolf pack (7 hours ago)
I see it
Payton Shepherd (7 hours ago)
Hah jokes on you idk who Messi is
Nad (7 hours ago)
what's the anime on the very first scene?
Payton Shepherd (7 hours ago)
They when over me but there not going to win over me👏
Payton Shepherd (7 hours ago)
Love the new introduction
Stubbaman (7 hours ago)
Pewdiepie: *looks down* Also pewds: “THE PERIPHERALS!!!!!”
Brody Dorion (8 hours ago)
Hey... pewdiepie isn't as bad as I thought!!
Luke Porowski (8 hours ago)
how does one obtain eye tracking software??
KyleSpeedRuns (8 hours ago)
Anime is Cancer (8 hours ago)
2:19 ban twitch thots pewdiepie is married
Anime is Cancer (8 hours ago)
Anime is gay.
Thị Hà Oanh Đỗ (9 hours ago)
the link
Thị Hà Oanh Đỗ (9 hours ago)
i need your intro music pls
LZ mcgaming (9 hours ago)
Like if pewdiepie gay
Want a Wed (9 hours ago)
The intro tho! XD
Yousef wael (9 hours ago)
Can you give me the intro
Damalycus (10 hours ago)
I wonder if someone uses this data for advertising and stuff.
Cabronazo80 Cabron (10 hours ago)
Cochinos culiaos pusieron *rap chileno* en (español) latino 1:17
Eazy Cakes (10 hours ago)
Marzia has entered the chat Marzia is typing... Pewds has left the chat
Unkown toaster (10 hours ago)
"PewDiePie is unfair he sits on his low chair" On strike For Editor
Tutatuu (11 hours ago)
I know that anime I also like that anime
Aizen Sousuke (12 hours ago)
I saw the gorilla and got the right number
Mr. Lenny (12 hours ago)
When you have watched High School of the Dead before...
Jacob Willams (12 hours ago)
Gotta love highschool of dead
Oxelord (12 hours ago)
This is where it all started... "Can we Copystrike *anyone* "
Trot Clan (12 hours ago)
Can we copy strike pewdiepie
mariomason95 (13 hours ago)
Is it a bot that tracks eyes or is it a tracker that tracks pewd's eyes?
Terry Chen (13 hours ago)
Rip marzia
xplayz gamez (13 hours ago)
Pewdiepie = million’s a year “i don’t have a laptop....”
Sarah Cb Official (14 hours ago)
I think Felix might... Be bi
Nessie Romania (14 hours ago)
Evolutionary psychology
Khalifa Alwardi (14 hours ago)
Twich thots
OGX CLAN (14 hours ago)
The intro is pewds-A
Dylan Chappell (14 hours ago)
Your the almost richest youtuber and no laptop
Michael Castellano (15 hours ago)
PEWDIEPIE was looking at the bulge he want to ligma ........NECK GANG FOR LIFE👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
SurrealJC Games (15 hours ago)
He never did get that raise he wanted. inappropriate joke about other popular youtube channel editor
Hype 0Risk (15 hours ago)
What is eye tracker?
KR4Z3D (16 hours ago)
*cAn We CoPyStRiKe tHiS gUy?*
iMMortal ThumbTaK (17 hours ago)
Love the intro
Marko Jovanovic (17 hours ago)
DenviousMars (17 hours ago)
6:58 Does anyone still knows what trend this was?
The Man (1 hour ago)
Harlem shake
*can we copystrike pewdiepie*
Talal Hani (18 hours ago)
2019 hello?
Jackyboy Games (19 hours ago)
Cookie Manos (19 hours ago)
Before the 1 second the intro ends it sed intro lol😂😂😂😂
GKBRO (19 hours ago)
FabWanFour 30 (20 hours ago)
try doing it with marzia sitting next to you
zinar ertas (20 hours ago)
Let marsia do it please
Ivan Doria (20 hours ago)
Rainbow Chat6969 (20 hours ago)
Omg pewdiepie had an intro??
ella caraan (20 hours ago)
I cant believe pewds have watche niki's music video
Des Tro (21 hours ago)
*"When your subconscious takes over"*
Pau Rodríguez (21 hours ago)
1:17 subtitulos en español jajajaka
Robyn Watchorn (22 hours ago)
3:40 just waiting for that vox media
KneeHighSocks 420 (22 hours ago)
MEME_ RON (22 hours ago)
More felix
Gamer (23 hours ago)
*Pewdiepie unchained*
Whiteowl III (23 hours ago)
So pewdiepie is perv...
This is the weirdest vid by pewds In 2019
josh g (1 day ago)
We watched the gorllia video in AP psych and no one saw it
5 pa (1 day ago)
dou un video en español
bdawg (1 day ago)
Is pewds and marzia still together
aRything (1 day ago)
Bαяяу Allєи (1 day ago)
"Have you ever had a THOT while in the shower?" i'm kidding
Dell Monitor (1 day ago)
Nice intro.
BingZucchini (1 day ago)
2nd most memorable Pewdiepie video
big chungus (1 day ago)
Aim looking at the transformer things in the back
Frank Estrada (1 day ago)
Som om du vet vad det betyder
2:14 eeeee deeee deeee deee eeee eee hum on a wayyyyyyy, a wimoweh
Mealwhiles (1 day ago)
I’m gonna copy strike this guy
PowerFold Zero (1 day ago)
never seen such incredible control over the human body
I want that intro tell me the link to it
Praxo Rock (1 day ago)
It's actually monetized wow
Jordan Brandon (1 day ago)
*can we copy strike pewdiepie?*
Shark X (1 day ago)
Why’d I get so hard while watching this video
Namothe Gamer (1 day ago)
Hi Pewdirtymindpie
Matt Dawe (1 day ago)
Had me dying laughing
2:16 did he really just say that? Imma copystrike this guy
ShotZz (1 day ago)
Nice intro
Donald Trump (1 day ago)
This video should be called PewDiePie cought staring completion
Bethany Kaylor (1 day ago)
I would love to see mark use an eye tracker with fnaf

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