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Puberty 101 | Joseph Birdsong

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Text Comments (607)
MisterCMT (1 year ago)
You are extremely funny! What have you been smoking girl? Love the nonchalant blabbing. I do not need to use my head just to understand. I will see your dad later...wink
Eliza Valentine (2 years ago)
You're so adorable :)
jinxgirl5 (4 years ago)
I remember we went through a class in high school. I think both genders were present in the classroom, so it was the best sort of awkward mixed with funny. Of course I already knew about these things from the all mighty Internet, so not really any new spoilers.
Jonathan B Lerner (4 years ago)
You really didn't have like, growth & development day in the 5th grade??? I'll never forget it. They separated boys and girls into different classrooms and at the end we all got free mini-sticks of Old Spice! Good times.
Mikaela McAdams (4 years ago)
Yes. I'm in 8th grade and we did that. And trust me....... I'll never forget it.
elysetwichell (4 years ago)
babies come from wal mart. Just like everything else.
Matteo Filippucci (5 years ago)
Let’s get it out there. I’m jealous due to my brother’s closest friend. He has actually been available permanently. By a luck, he’s got a model to deeply love him in weeks. How is that possible? He said to me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone wonderful said that to me… I really don’t recall at any time seeing him so cheerful. Sort of makes me sick.
Ruby Walker (5 years ago)
Daughter: Ok, google it and you should be good. And also, if there's a bump on your chest it is NOT a tumor. Have fun! Son: Talk to your dad.
mialikesbananas (5 years ago)
So technically I have the potential to give birth to the next jesus baby? Wowow magical
Christine Chaney (5 years ago)
It's spelled FILIPINO... Get it right.
MizUltimate (5 years ago)
Only Joseph Birdsong could say scramble eggs came menstrual fluids
Callum McLean (5 years ago)
Kids? As a homo, I'm not sure about that. Also, your videos are amazing when I'm a bit drunk. I'm fairly sure that this level of tipsiness is the best way to be.
david kuchinskas (5 years ago)
What the fuck?
sydney belanger (5 years ago)
TherSeen (5 years ago)
You say weird stuff
TherSeen (5 years ago)
You are messed up
Ben Brooks (5 years ago)
I died laughing when you said Philipino? instead of falopian?. You are lucky you had no sex ed classes. @[email protected]
Abrar Idris (5 years ago)
Have u seen the harry potter movies joseph?
Pyt Farrugia (5 years ago)
it was all going so well.
justmh672 (5 years ago)
phillipino tubes oh hell no tita auntie's gonna trow in de rybar
alice michelle (5 years ago)
same lol
Deleted Deleted (5 years ago)
LOL Philipino tubes.
Lyndsey Frank (5 years ago)
Lol joe ask u a question
Julia Shin (5 years ago)
BashtonSnow (5 years ago)
omg I was one of those kids XD
BashtonSnow (5 years ago)
idk since im bi and proally have to adopt soo.... girl: BITCH YO GONA GET CHYO BLEEDING AND SHIT OUTS A BE ALL EMOTIONAL boy: meet me at your room wait there while I grab the lube tissues and daddy kk?
wkavre (5 years ago)
loujuggling.tumblr (5 years ago)
My mom thought this was legit and she watched it with me and had to explain everything over again
Danny Castro (5 years ago)
Is this a joke
TheCannabisQueen420 (5 years ago)
My son asked me about puberty a few days ago. I sat him down in front of the computer and let him watch this video. It answered any and all question he had. Thank you Mr. Birdsong, you were a fantastic educator .
Lauren van Oosten (5 years ago)
Show them my mums videos :3
Ethan Reid (5 years ago)
Your gay haha
ツRose (5 years ago)
HAHA! This is funny! Loved it!
Micah Otogari (5 years ago)
FIlipino eggs omfg ahahaha being Filipino makes that so much funnier ahaha XD
Kristen (5 years ago)
im having a joseph birdsong saturday morning marathon
Amy Johnson (5 years ago)
Oh my god, I should not eat while watching your videos Joe. I almost drooled chocolate all over my keyboard because I was laughing too hard.
Ricardo Lourenço (5 years ago)
"Yes you can...but with moderation." I laught for an hour! hahaha
mirroredhour (5 years ago)
"I can't go swimming. You know I got the curse." Omg. xD And I don't plan on having children, so... I don't need to answer the question.
Tarek (5 years ago)
your too skiny
Moya Gnang (5 years ago)
meh i'll just show them this video...
MollyFromAlaska (5 years ago)
My name is Molly....
watchwellcast (5 years ago)
Oh Joe, those were some *colorful* explanations, that's for sure. Maybe check out our latest video(s) for some facts?
sinclairsky (5 years ago)
Filipino tube!!! Oh no you di-int! LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Lad (5 years ago)
OMG, i cant eat scrambled eggs now
kateyotcha (5 years ago)
omg you are da funny
haushinka502 (5 years ago)
Arullete (5 years ago)
I laughed way too hard at the "Molly Grows Up" clip. XD
YamiAtemYugi (5 years ago)
Ur really r an idiot, you know nothing about the female Reproductive Cycle, u really need to explain things better and also the picture was VERY off. 😠
Marrick DeSantos (5 years ago)
im filipeno and approve this message
Bibliophile_Writer (5 years ago)
vesterpop (5 years ago)
I totally just found your music on Spotify! OMG, gurl!
Talia Tucci (5 years ago)
I think your drunk
Chloe Caley (5 years ago)
You are an idiot
autumnredwood1 (5 years ago)
easy I will give them a computer leave them alone for a day and by then they should know
cannedbook (5 years ago)
jebał bym go
Jeremy Tighe (5 years ago)
I'm going to sell my children off into the Vietnamese sex trades, then after 14 years have passed I'll track them down with the GPS chip I planted in their skull, and take them back.
Michael (5 years ago)
I never stop laughing when I watch your videos!
Haley And Brittany (5 years ago)
That was actually a very accurate drawing o_O
Lynneth Bjørnli (5 years ago)
I knew everything about sex and puberty when I was 2....yupp.
Tristan White (5 years ago)
I will tell my kids: Ok so boys (I want twin boys, Is that obsessive?) You'll be either attracted to girls or boys. I don't care about what you choose so have fun with life and any questions ask Google
Phil49er (5 years ago)
My dad died when I was 4, and my mother couldn't say the word 'sex'. When i was 12 I still believed god made women pregnant. WHen I was 15 she asked my uncle to tell me (really by then it was more than a little too late) and he told her "let him learn it in the gutter like I did," I actually overheard that conversation...I told my(adopted) son everything I could think of. When he was 10 he asked me if I was gay and I said "do you want to know the answer to that?" After a few days he asked again.
Simon Dufresne (5 years ago)
''Now this is actually how Mary ended up with Jesus because her body wasn't working right''
adnoble (5 years ago)
You are an evil man sir lol
Adriana Marquez (5 years ago)
lmao i'm half filipino.. & i find that driving joke funny c: .. Plus my mom is a pretty bad driver!.... almost died in the car a couple times XD
beavisbonce (5 years ago)
Scrambled eggs
Nunya Buidness (5 years ago)
We've all had enough of you Jesus
Taylor Bennett (5 years ago)
Girl: Your going to bleed and have terrible pains because your not pregnant Boy: Go talk to your dad ~Ravenclaw
inkblotz1218 (5 years ago)
The Filipino tubes ... ! Ahah!
shaunnaaa (5 years ago)
they will have to learn as they go through it because i definitely wont be telling them !~Slytherin
zoe wood (5 years ago)
Jonah Bresley (5 years ago)
i will make them listen to tapes and ravenclaw
Filipino tubes omfg Joe I can't breathe
Cherry Stewart (5 years ago)
I will tell my future children about puberty by saying, "Listen, kids. Never trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die."
LetteeFine (5 years ago)
Let the school tell em. That's what happened to me
Ella Lubowitz (5 years ago)
Oh thank goodddd!! I was worried for a second there! :D
Karissa (5 years ago)
Yeah, I think I'll just let them figure it out by themselves...
Maddy (5 years ago)
I could never tell my Children about puberty, Social Services would have already taken them away - Slyrherin
CornForDinner (5 years ago)
This was absolutely beautiful. I love you.
Vikki (5 years ago)
Might show my kid one of those 1950's videos.....they seem legit.....or wait until they ask questions and just be VERY honest...however if my friend becomes a primary school teacher I will never have to give my children the puberty talk as long as they are in her class...she will scar those little beings for life
pink7418 (5 years ago)
Im gonna say "Your peepee gets really sad and it vomits blood :( "
onefunctionalspine (5 years ago)
I'm going to teach my kids about puberty when they're like six, so then they'll be those kids on the playground who just seem to know everything about sex and who teach all the other kids while the supervisor is off behind the school having a smoke and trying to will away their hangover.
Brandon Cordy (5 years ago)
OMG Micheal!!! Same here
Michael Spatz (5 years ago)
OMG im so sick of this nivea ad it just sounds like a moan fest of guys! Oh wait thats good! Lol
Laurence Catanzaro (5 years ago)
Filipino tubes? :( Why?!!
llburroughs13 (5 years ago)
Yes but only in moderation!
Sarah Burris (5 years ago)
I finally know how my period works, thanks joe love you:) wish you were straight Xx
Ella Lubowitz (5 years ago)
no really? :s are you new to these videos?
K (5 years ago)
In the future, my kids will somehow haved learnt of puberty through this wonderous place of YouTube where I will recommend a video by the name of Pubery 101, by Joseph Birdsong. And I will have-a nothing else to have-a taught teach them, yeahh!
XxnoobmuncherxX (5 years ago)
I think we've all had enough of you jesus. Haha you're hilarious :) And puberty was the worst for me being a lesbian. Once we all learned about it people avoided me for like a week :/ it was really weird and scary since i was young.
Coco (5 years ago)
"Peggy of course I can't go swimming! You know I've got the curse!" haha what? where can we watch the rest of that?
ilikemonkeys (5 years ago)
Filipino tubes.... because Filipinos are bad drivers and dont know where to go omg I'm dead. hahaha
SHAK (5 years ago)
I see what u did there.
KrisiimovHD (5 years ago)
Also, 9/11 jokes are just plane wrong
Yvaia (5 years ago)
I will tell them to read M rated fanfiction.
egg girl :0 (5 years ago)
"in fact, i will draw you a diagram! ...looks like a penis."
dcjrmdmr (5 years ago)
I was going to watch porn and enjoy pleasant masturbation until I watched this video. Thanks alot, my penis hates you. *raise middle finger with simultaneous ding*
brack jean (5 years ago)
maybe i should just show my children this video,
Jamie Wallace (5 years ago)
screamshout (5 years ago)
this is literally my favorite video of yours and i always show it to people like THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING YOULL EVER SEE IN YOUR SAD LIVES and then they just stare blankly at the screen and dont laugh its awkward
Muffcakelord (5 years ago)
Really? Gonna teach'em sex with porn? That's fucked up.. xD
Nerfern (6 years ago)
This kid is so retarded.

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